I’ve been given a task by to choose ten albums that greatly influenced my taste in music. I’ve already done this listing a few years ago with my early favourites, now here’s the top 10 of the long past 2010s years.

Day 1 – Deftones “Diamond Eyes”
Day 2 – Audrey Horne “Audrey Horne”
Day 3 – Daft Punk “TRON Legacy”
Day 4 – Bohemian Betyars “Boros u. 1.”
Day 5 – Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Mosquito”
Day 6 – The Carbonfools “Carbonsoul”
Day 7 – Slogan “Előbújhat Minden Állat”
Day 8 – Fotocrime “Principle Of Pain”
Day 9 – Rotting Christ “Rituals”
Day 10 – The Pineapple Thief “Your Wilderness”

Message from Ioannina

Πάρτε ζβάρα τα βουνά τις κορφές
νησιά και πόλεις, τα χωριά, γιοφύρια
άιντε πάρτε τα βρε
Πάρτε ζβάρα τα βουνά τις κορφές
νησιά και πόλεις, τα χωριά, γιοφύρια
και αλωνίστε τα βρε
Πάρτε ζβόρα και άντε πιάστε τα βρε
πιάστε δρόμους, πλατείες, τα στενά στη γύρα
άιντε πιάστε τα βρε
Πάρτε ζβόρα και άντε πιάστε τα βρε
πιάστε δρόμους, πλατείες, τα στενά στη γύρα
και πατήστε τα βρε
Πάρτε τα ζβάρα όλα κάψτε τα βρε
βρείτε κάθε παλιό, κάθε σάπιο και μαύρο
και άιντε κάψτε το βρε
Πάρτε τα ζβάρα όλα κάψτε τα βρε
κάψτε κάθε παλιό, για να βγει από μέσα
ο πιο όμορφος ανθός

Listen to Wikipedia

Sound bubbles.

Found this website many many years ago, it might have already been posted here. Great background music for learning and home office working – also the best solution for waiting hall.


“Listen to the sound of Wikipedia’s recent changes feed. Bells indicate additions and string plucks indicate subtractions. Pitch changes according to the size of the edit; the larger the edit, the deeper the note. Green circles show edits from unregistered contributors, and purple circles mark edits performed by automated bots. You may see announcements for new users as they join the site, punctuated by a string swell. You can welcome him or her by clicking the blue banner and adding a note on their talk page.”

IM 1988/8. szám

“Roppan az izom, meztelen felsőtestek hajladoznak a cikázó fényben, karok kaszálnak, kifeszülnek a traszparensek, fejek emelkednek és buknak újra le. Mint a Messiás, igét hirdet a dal: Százezer átok sem állíthat meg; miben hiszek, azt végig csinálom. Százszor eltaposhatsz, újra felállok; utam végig kell járnom! Senki nem mondja, hol ez az út, mégis együtt lélegzik, sikít, tombol a tömeg. Akár az ezerfejű hidra – van bennük valami félelmetes és egységes. Ha most valaki kiadná a jelszót: menjetek és döntsétek le a Lenin-szobrot a Városligetben – ledöntenék. Testes rendőr tapogatja a derékszíját mellettem. Arca megfeszül. Egy szó kéne csak, egyetlen parancs, hogy csináljon rendet – ugrana máris és repülne a gumibot. Pedig rend van valójában, furcsa rend, de rend. “


La Sombra del Viento

The cover of the book I bought in 2009 (published by Palatinus). I could never really connect the cover painting to the story. And the typography is simply awful.

Plus the painting is mirrored, which is also weird as it’s absolutely not necessary. Here’s the original by Rafael Daroca Benavent. (No Wikipedia article..) At least he is credited in the book.

Ramblas de Barcelona, Rafael Daroca Benavent

And now the original cover.

And a few more from other countries.

I like the wornout Italian version, and also the modern approach by Suhrkamp. But I looked for some other paintings about Ramblas and came up with these alternatives.

“Las Ramblas Barcelona”
Artis Karnisauskis
“The Ramblas (Barcelona)”
Antonio Estradera

I prefer the first one.

Note: Palatinus seemingly stopped working in 2014.

Ford v Ferrari / Le Mans 66

Finally I could watch the movie yesterday.
It was painful in some parts, but overall it was rather entertaining. Christan Bale (Miles) was perfect, and I loved Jon Bernthal (Iacocca) and Ray McKinnon (Remington) scenes too. Matt Damon (Shelby) was okay. Might have been a better choice though…
Racing scenes were awful, but it was the same with Rush. I did not like the villian role of Ferrari drivers, and Il Commandatore was a complete nonsense, except seeing him in the back of the garage at the table. Plus I don’t mind that history was amended to a better dramaturgy, but leaving out the co-driver from a Le Mans 24h movie?????