LinuxMint + Cinnamon + Catalyst = shit

Ugyanebbe futottam bele. Nem örülök…

ATI driver install *definitely* stuffed up. This seemed to start with M12 and continues now through M13, very disconcerting as graphics is a show-stopper for most folks, and this is a regression from M11 and earlier where all worked fine.

Here are the particulars.

It is pretty much a massive failure as the system to get drivers working fails in several locations with no immediate work around short of Google & terminal.

To start, the install was M13/Mate (x64) on a system with a ATI HD 57xx and 2 monitors.

Initially from a fresh install although “ATI Catalyst Control” is already in “Control Center” (seems as it shouldn’t be,) it will not start, complaining of missing drivers, fail.

Running “Additional Drivers” lists two entries for ATI it is unclear which would be the proper choice for an end user. It seems as though “ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver (post-release updates) would be the right choice, or maybe it is updates to the other entry and needs to be installed/activated after first installing the other option “ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver”. It’s unclear which should be chosen, but they both produce the same results; a download and then an error message saying that install failed and look at Jockey error log, fail.

Second attempt was to turn on the second monitor through “Control Center/Monitors” while this initially activated the second monitor after a re-boot the change was lost and attempts to reactivate gave an error stating that the “required virtual size does not fit available size”, fail.

Third effort was to download ATI drivers from ATI’s site. Drivers downloaded and install started (at this point we have already failed “easy” for the new user), the installer says removal of existing ATI FGLRX is required, so open Synaptic and search for and remove anything with FGLRX in it. This requires the additional removal of “X-Org_ALL” (an approximation but the “all” part) making one wonder “am I about to uninstall X?” Hit yes and all that gets removed and the system rebooted. X is still here and the ATI downloaded installer re-started. Installation goes fine (except the install has to be started from the command line as “open as Administrator” in Nautilus attempts to open the installer as an archive file, fail). Now however the new entries in “Control Center”, the Super User version does not start, no error message, just nothing, and of course opening the other entry just tells you “if you want to make changes open the Super User version. Fail.

So now as an end user every conceivable permutation to get working 3d and multi monitor running has hit a wall, after a whole bunch of steps I shouldn’t even have to know about. My only recourse at this point is try and Google for the command to start ATI Catalyst Control from the terminal in SU, or hit the forums hoping for a set of instructions.

To me clear this problem is now several months old, from M12 onward so it is far beyond a RC regression. I am unclear why there is nothing mentioned in release notes for either release or a sticky in the forum. Is this not a known issue? Am I the only one experiencing it. It would be hugely helpful to have both an acknowledgement of the issue and a statement of what the known problem is and what Mint’s plans to resolve/ a workable step by step guide to fix.

This is graphics, for one of the two major graphics makers. The problem seems related to the handling/install of a proprietary driver not it’s actual functioning. And the problem is now what I would consider long-standing.

A few other issues you can pick out as well from the above.

Some ATI/FGLRX stuff installed by default though incomplete/non-functioning.

An improper file type association for a “.run” file.

I would love to hear back on how long this problem has been circulating / statement on possible resolution within the Distro / a clear set of instructions for work-around for end users that is visibly promoted (or at the least a thread that collects best efforts by the community and gets pointed to).

This was just the first bug report as I needed to actually install on the production desktop to check for, more to come.