2016. július havi bejegyzések

Aljas nyolcas


A film nagyon tetszett. Bár kicsit talán sok volt a vér.


“The guitar that Daisy Domergue plays while singing “Jim Jones at Botany Bay” was a priceless antique from the 1870s on loan from the Martin Guitar Museum. At the end of the song, the script called from John Ruth to grab the guitar and smash it to pieces. Six replicas were built for the shoot, and were supposed to be substituted for the real instrument for the smashing shot, but due to a miscommunication Kurt Russell was not informed and destroyed the original guitar before anyone could stop him. Jennifer Jason Leigh‘s shocked reaction to this is genuine, and can be seen in the released film. The Martin Guitar Museum subsequently announced they would never loan guitars to film shoots again.” – imdb.com