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A “!!! Bury Me !!!” playlistem

  1. If You Want Me – Glen Hansard és Marketa Irglova
  2. Exit Music (For A Film) – Radiohead
  3. Saturnine – The Gathering
  4. Far From The Sun – Amorphis
  5. Long Nights – Eddie Vedder
  6. It’s All Over – God Machine
  7. Mercy – IAMX
  8. Go Slowly – Radiohead
  9. Monochrome – Dominique A

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TherapyTroubleGumA Therapy? “Troublegum” c. albuma sokáig nem tetszett. Olyan kis slágeres rádiózenének tartottam, vagy nem is tudom. Semmi esetre sem passzolt a Sepulturához, illetve a keményebb vonalhoz, amit akkoriban sokat hallgattam. Aztán ’94 nyarán egyszer-kétszer Pozsiéknál pingpongoztunk, és mivel ő nagyon rákattant az albumra, egész délután ez szólt… Azóta nekem is tetszik, haha!

Adam in Chains

Do you want to be hypnotized
All you have to do is move your body
In what ever way feels comfortable for you
Just let yourself sink into the groove
And move
Fix your eyes on a spot
It doesn’t matter where
Just fix your eyes on on espot
And begin to relax
Feel your mind and body
Beginning to wind down
Wind down, wind down and relax
If you have any thoughts
Just let them drift through your mind
Like beautiful clouds
Across a clear blue sky
Just through your mind and away from you
Through your mind and away
As you relax
Deeper, deeper and deeper relax
Just let go of stress and tension
Let go of worry and doubt and relax
Imagine a staircase standing in front of you
With ten, wide, safe, stairs
Down, down to a perfect relaxation
Down to peace and contentment
Down towards the happiness that you deserve
And as I count down from ten
Take one step with each number
One step down
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Deeper, deeper, deeper relax
That’s it just let go and relax

You’ve stolen my heart it’s true
You see the shape of things to come
Why give up our lives to the brutes and fools
Tear it all apart
You see the shape of things to come
Why? this now girl
Will we kill each other

Like Adam in chains
I want revenge
Like Adam in chains
I want revenge
Adam in chains

They’ve broken your heart
Ah yeah, they’re gonna tear your world apart
Why make up a lie
And believe it’s true
Ah, tear it all apart
I know the shape of things to come
Why this now girl
Will we murder each other

Like Adam in chains
I want revenge
Like Adam in chains
I want revenge
Like Adam in chains
I want revenge
Want revenge

In the mind of a madman
There are colour explosions
An eclipse of emotion

Why tear our world apart
Why tear it all apart
Why tear our world apart girl

Billy Idol. Cyberpunk.



Ma lecseréltem a narancs sátras háttérképet, mert olyan vidám…